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Thanks to Instagram, Tulum has been on my radar for a couple years now. It seemed like the perfect place for some R&R. So when the time came around to picking a location for our Thanksgiving, week long holiday, I knew just the place!IMG_9272IMG_9554 IMG_4433

I had my heart set in staying at one of more luxuries hotels such as Be Tulum or Hip Hotel but we ended up staying at the more affordable option, Piedra Escondida which luckily did not disappoint! The staff was absolutely wonderful and we even made friends with the bartender, Marcelo 🙂 

Our room was exactly what I was hoping for. It was hut style and it over looked the ocean. What more can a girl want! I believe the hotel had only about 8 rooms and they were VERY eco friendly as are most of the hotels in Tulum.              (we never did get used to showering in half salt water, half fresh water!)


IMG_9274IMG_4442 IMG_4436 IMG_4435

The hotels, restaurants and some boutique stores (on the beach side of Tulum) are all on one road and to get to the city center all you have to do is take another long road, which on a bike was about a 20-30 min ride from our hotel. So we opted on our second day there to ride bikes to get around instead of taking a taxi everywhere.

We were there for five full days which I think was a good amount of time to destress and enjoy all that Tulum had to offer.


Visiting a cenote was on the top of my list so we decide to go to gran cenote which turned out well for me because from what we had heard it was smaller than dos ojos and since I don’t know how to swim and had never been snorkeling, it was great for a newbie like me.


IMG_4337 IMG_4335IMG_4374IMG_4587IMG_9264IMG_4570IMG_4579IMG_9401IMG_9324

I highly suggest visiting Tulum if you’re looking for a relaxing getaway. If you do find yourself there, here are some of my tips when visiting:

1) rent bikes to get around! Its the cheapest form of transportation (about $20 for the whole day), you get to explore a lot easier and you get that exercise in during holiday!

2) I wish we would have done this but if you stay at the cheaper hotels go to the more expensive ones and rent a hut/beach chairs. Again, not very expensive for the day and you’ll get to lounge in a nicer area.

3) Visit the ruins AND get a tour guide. It was about $12 for me and my BF and you get to learn a bit of Mayan history.

4) If you have a day you want to splurge on dinner hit up Hartwood or Posada Margherita as those are the two posh restaurants in Tulum.

5) If you are looking to do something more authentic DEFINITELY go to La Fonda Chiquita which is on the main road where all the hotels are at. Don’t judge a book by its cover because the food is amazing. Definitely try the ceviche! That was my favorite. Now if you go into the city center you MUST eat tacos at Antojitos, La Chiapaneca. They were the some of the best tacos I have ever had and wish we would have gone back for more while there.

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