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Oh Scotland how you stole my heart!img_0023

It’s been almost a year since we visited Scotland but since I still have loads of pictures to share from that trip I figured I’d go ahead and write a post. So here it goes, enjoy!

Never would I have thought that Scotland would be the first country that I’d visit my fist time in Europe. Me and Adam planned a two week vacation during the holidays to Scotland and Ireland as our Italy trip (which is on my bucket list) was postponed. To be honest, I was looking forward more to Ireland due to the films that I love such as: P.S I Love You, Leap Year and Tristan and Isolde. All I pretty much knew about Scotland was that J.K Rowling sat at The Elephant House to write the first Harry Potter novel, it’s the country of whiskey and of course Braveheart! Nonetheless, I was excited as this was my first Europe trip.


img_5327 img_5345Harry Potter steam train passes through here!img_9998img_5355 img_5367So magical! img_5389 Castle Eilean Donan. Most photographed castle in Scotland.img_5395img_5393 img_5415-1Loch Ness was massive!img_0056img_0154chasing waterfallsfourimg_0223Doune Castle aka Winterfell from GoT and Castle Leoch from Outlander

Our first night in Scotland we spent with our friend and in the morning we were awoken to a traditional Scottish breakfast then we were off to the Isle of Skye. The drive up was beyond incredible. The highlands were what made me fall in love with Scotland. There were hardly any cars on the road on our drive up there. The air was crisp and fresh. It was as if it was just us, heading up to a magical, hidden place. Unfortunately we only got to spend a couple days there before we had to head back down to Glasgow. We wish we could have stayed more time at the Isle of Skye but next time we visit Scotland we are definitely going to spend more than two days there.

img_5455 img_5443Glasgow Necropolis img_5461 img_0114 img_0113 img_0112img_5431Inside the Glasgow Cathedralthree I wish I could have afternoon tea everyday 🙂img_0070

Glasgow was a blast! Such a great city and with so much history. One of the things I really wanted to do whilst in the UK was have afternoon tea. We decided to go to The Butterfly and The Pig and what it great decision it was. Definitely up to my expectations and we ended up loving afternoon tea. We had it a few times during our trip! On one of our nights there our good friend Stewart showed us out to a fun night at The Howlin’ Wolf. One of the best nights I spent in Scotland! One for the books 🙂Version 2img_5480 img_5476img_2498Dream come true!img_1246img_0450One of the best views of the Edinburgh was from the castle.

Our final stop in Scotland was Edinburg and oh how special this city was to me. Anybody that knows me knows that I’m obsessed with HP and being in this city was like being inside a HP book. Every corner we turned reminded me of the books/movies. To top it off and check something off my bucket list was that we were able to have dinner at The Elephant House where JK Rowling wrote the first book! I geeked out so hard lol if you ever get to go there check out the bathrooms. Yes, I said bathrooms! Every inch of the bathrooms are signed by HP fans from all over that have visited the birth place of HP.


 We were able to spend New Years Eve or as the Scots call it Hogmanay there and it was by far the best NYE I have ever had! Hogmanay is the biggest NYE event in the world. Thousands of people from all over the world go to Scotland to celebrate Hogmanay. The highlight was the firework show at the end. The fireworks were shot from behind the Edinburgh Castle and they where the best I had ever seen! Although, this happened on our second to last night in Edinburgh this was to us the grand finally of our Scotland trip.

Scotland is one of the most magical places I have ever been to. I really didn’t expect to love Scotland so much. I definitely recommend Scotland to everyone!

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